About Us
Dynamic Chef Services Sdn Bhd was formed on 1st March 2000 by a team of kitchen equipment specialists who together have over 40 years of experience in the industry. We have in the past either managed or supported large projects with established clients such as Hilton, Renaissance K.l. and the likes.

We offer a wide spectrum of services covering kitchen planning, designing. fabrication and installation. We believe strongly in long term relationships with our clients and in order to achieve this objective we only know one way, and that is to give them the best services and installations available in the business. With our knowledge of the industrial standards and backing of an experienced team, We are confident that we can give our competitors a worthy challenge. As can be deduced from our list of clientele, in a matter of 18 months we have been able to gather a fairly impressive number of established corporations. We believe this is a reflection of the quality of our services and installations.

Whilst we strive to offer our clients good services, we also believe in giving them long term cost benefits from their installations. Although coaxing our clients to spend hefty sums on their installations often make our job easier we know that this is an easy way out. Our clients will not appreciate our services if we are not able to offer them long term cost efficient installations. So even when the installations have broken down through wear and tear, we are still around because they know that we have their best interest in mind.

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